Don't get caught out when you travel. Here are a few handy travel tips from our experts.


  • Don't forget to check your passport expiry date. Is it still valid? Make sure you have a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport before you travel. 

  • Each country has its own visa requirements. You may be required to apply for a visa to your destination country and/or if you are transiting. We recommend checking with the Embassy or High Commissions of the countries you intend to visit or transit to find out their visa / entry requirements and if you need to apply for a visa. You should allow plenty of time for this process before your planned departure date to ensure that you have the correct visa. If you do not meet visa requirements you may refused entry to your destination or transit country. 



  • A smooth-rolling wheelie bag for ease of getting around with your luggage

  • Your camera - preferably a digital self focus model

  • A copy of your passport - if you lose your passport a copy ensures you can replace it with ease

  • Ziploc bags for liquids, gels and toiletries through airport security



  • Packing to cater for children is essential.  We suggest you include , food, drink, toys, books, games, wet wips, and a change of clothes for the flight. Food & drink at airports is generally expensive.
  • Items such as prams, strollers, cots and high chairs in most cases can be hired rather than lugging them with you.
  • We also suggest a simple medical kit and motion sickness medication.
  • Allow extra time for airport check-in and ask if your flight is full when checking in. Some airlines may block off a seat next to you which is particularly useful if travelling with infants.
  • Look out for fast track customs and immigration check points for those traveling with infants.
  • Find out as much as possible about the destination and accommodation. In some cases a self-contained apartment may be more convenient than a hotel. This can also save you money with self-catering some of your meals.  
  • Strange places can upset small children, so be sure to bring something that reminds them of home, like a cuddly toy or blanket.

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